The good and bad of diapers

 The good and bad of diapers

There was a time when people used clothes to wrap babies for preventing them from pooping. Nowadays, the modern era has gone into the hands of diapers. These are products that use technologies that can hold baby stool and urine for a long period of time. As opposed to disposables, the absorbent gels in diapers can do great work for holing solid and water without causing much discomfort to the baby. There is a long ongoing dilemma on choosing between diapers or not and if yes, then what’s the best way to use them. Gear up as we try to resolve this trivia by explaining the good and bad of diapers in this piece of writing:

Inception of diapers

Inception of diapers

During the last century, people mostly used cloth pieces to handle baby stools. It was not until the 1400s that the real disposable diaper was introduced. And that too was a luxury item that no one could afford. In the 1800 century, the real diaper was introduced to help common citizens. This was a cloth type of diapers but saw certain transformations in the coming years. In ancient diapers, animal skins, leaves, linens, and even mosses were used as diapers. In tropical environments, many babies were naked without any diapers.

After the 1800s, a major evolution of the diaper came into the picture. And after a century, it was in 1940 that diapers were commercialized. In the next two decades, there were significant improvements in the quality of disposable diapers. The type and quality of the diapers only improved as we reach the 90s. With new technology introduction, various lighter diapers were used that could soak more moisture. Then, the absorbent fabric came into the picture and certain companies emphasized various designs that will look good no babies.

Advantages and disadvantages of disposable diapers

The time when disposable diapers were introduced in the late 1950s, they were definitely viewed as a significant advance towards powerful liberation among moms. Needless to say, they do not have to face any extended periods of time of washing and bleaching diapers! In any case, since they have such genuine advantages it implies that these products are, for the most part, great and beneficial. Let us investigate the two sides of the coin regarding disposable diapers.

Advantages and disadvantages of disposable diapers

1. They offer comfort

In contrast to any cloth or other material used in diapers, disposables are increasingly advantageous to utilize. Besides being widely accessible in numerous pharmaceutical stores, they are likewise effectively accessible through online sites as well. Another component of comfort is that you can simply discard them to the can instead of removing them and using again. This also adds up to the hygiene aspect as you are using a new diaper almost every day. 

2. They provide convenient diaper change

Another important advantage of using disposable diapers is the less time you spend on changing them. As you get accustomed to the process of using, wearing and removing diaper, the process takes an even shorter amount of time. Eventually, changing would turn out to be progressively handy for you. Also, the diapers can be changed anywhere and during journeys as well. You can carry wipes, dispose of the diaper and use the new one easily.

3. They can come as hypoallergenic

Regardless of whether your baby is suffering from a small or big response to the materials in standard diapers, you can pick hypoallergenic diapers that can be important in your best course of preventive treatment. Note that it is critical to remember how like beauty care products, hypoallergenic diapers don’t have a controlled definition, and that a few makers would attempt to make claims for such products. You should always check the company and the details of the manufactures of the diaper to get a good look at the genuineness of the item you are purchasing.  

Rundown of the disadvantages of disposable diapers

1. They are costly

Diapers are by no means cost-effective. When you think that a baby can use around 7 to 8 diapers in a day, you need to have a bundle ready if you are depending on them. Likewise, the costs of these products can shift according to their sorts and characteristics, which can cause concern and confusion among guardians. Numerous guardians even accept that a significant segment of their spending limit is spent on buying these diapers.

2. They can cause skin rashes.

Skin rashes are a typical condition that happens because of the delayed utilization of wet diapers. As should be obvious, dampness can be an ideal breeding ground for microscopic organisms. This is one of the main guilty parties of this skin condition. Various skin rashes baby creams are available over the counter, but buying them simply increases the expense when rashes could have been avoided in the first place.

3. They can cause toilet training to be progressively difficult.

Fundamentally, toilet training ought to involve certain signs and connections between infants and guardians. Youngsters can without much of a stretch figure out how to utilize the toilet for poo and urination. However, the utilization of disposable diapers has increased the time of kids to be in diapers for quite a while. This happens as children are feeling very great in diapers and guardians are not pushing them for toilet training.

Why should you consider cloth diapers?

Simply said, cloth diapers are perfectly sized and shaped pieces of cotton clothes that do not contain any sort of chlorine, chemicals or any other absorbency material used in disposable diapers. This might sound relieving for many parents. Chlorine and other chemicals can easily remove good bacteria present on our skin. They can even cause the pH to change leading to irritation and dryness. Reports have suggested that disposable diapers may also cause an onset of asthma and other respiratory problems related to babies. When we use disposables, exposure to these chemicals can lead to skin irritation and rashes. In severe cases, instances of vomiting and staph infections followed by fever have also been noticed.

When you use cloth diapers, you may have to wash them again and again but the chemical-free usage is helpful in keeping your baby safe and healthy. Here are a few more benefits that come with cloth diapers:
  • Cloth diapers mean that you are providing your baby’s skin more room for breathing. Being made from cotton, the diapers result in less amount of skin irritation. Many cloth diaper manufacturing agencies are utilizing cotton and superior materials in the production of these diapers. One can even opt for better organic brands if you wish to ascertain that there are not issues as far as diapers are concerned.
  • Cotton diapers may help in quick learning as far as potty training is concerned. If you are using such a diaper for your infant, your little one will get the sensation of pooping against the skin and will eventually become more aware of how to get rid of it. In contrast to disposables that soak wetness, the clothe ones are ideal as they keep the sense of pooping real.

Cloth diapers are easy to use. They do not have any wearing mechanism and no you can use them from either side. They simply have threads that need to be tied

  • Cloth diapers are cheap. Since they are made up of just clothes, you can estimate that they are quite affordable as compared to disposable ones. Hence shifting to cloth diapers means that you saving a lot of money.
  • Such diapers are convenient to use and carry. They can even be washed and used again and again. Even if the market is not accessible, you can use a diaper that can be washed and re-utilized.
  • Cloth diapers are good for the environment. They do not have plastic or waterproof layer like disposables. Since they are used a number of times, they are eco-friendly. They can be used multiple numbers of times as compared to disposables that fill our dustbins in just a few days.

Should you use diapers or not?

Various technical inventions have molded our ways of living. Even people, who never trusted in modern methods of baby care, are shifting towards those novel inventions. The reason is simply-convenience and time-saving. The same is the case with diapers. If we talk about the big scenario, no parent would want to have a baby pooping around in the house without any covering. This is not only bad for the house but for the baby also. It is evident that diapers are a must in today’s life. The problems come when parents decide to choose the type of diapers. You need to judge the good and bad of diapers. As we explain, there are advantages and disadvantageous of both cloth and disposable diapers. If you want less work and mess, you may go for disposables if your budget allows. If you wish to keep everything simple and inexpensive, cloth diapers are good options.

Besides selecting diapers, it is eminent to strict guidelines of taking good care of your baby while using diapers. Here are a few tips that will help you out:
  • Always buy good quality diapers from good manufacturers. When seeking cloth diapers, make sure that they are fresh and made with baby-safe materials. There should not be any problem with the diapers and usually should always be new when you buy them. For disposables, you can check their elastic and structure so that it does not leak. Try to remove the diapers if it leaks and you can shift to another brand.
  • Don’t use diapers for a longer period of time. For newborns, the ideal time is not more than 6 hours. This helps avoid the accumulation of bad bacteria on the baby’s body which further decreases the chances of certain infections.

The instant you see the baby pooping, you should get ready to change the diaper. Dealing pooped diapers is not at all good for health. It makes the baby smell dirty. You should stop your work and change the diaper first when you realize that it is full.

  • Even if the baby hasn’t popped, you should change the diaper at regular intervals. This is because babies do pee a lot. Even if the diaper is not pooped, it will be heavy as it will have the baby’s urine. If you don’t change the diaper often, it will remain wet and may cause the baby’s body to catch fever or cold.
  • While changing diapers, make sure that you clean the anus of the baby properly. You may use wet wipes for the purpose. Thoroughly cleaning the edges or wrinkles of the skin is also recommended.
  • After wiping, do use some sort of powder or anti-rash cream to prevent the area from staying wet for all longer period of time.

We hope we helped you with the dilemma of whether to put diapers or not. If you have a story to tell regarding the good and bad of the diapers, do let us know your views in the comment section.


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