Childproofing your home

 Childproofing your home


Preparing for the arrival of a new life in your family can be a precious moment. No matter how much you control, worries, excitement, and anxiousness kick in at the right time. But the real job starts when your baby arrives home. And the job is not only related to feeding or playing with the baby but taking care of the surroundings that will embrace the baby so that he may grow in a safe manner. In other words, child-proofing your home is important and should never be ignored.

Childproofing your home

Believe it or not, nothing remains the same after the arrival of the baby. You need to clean litter, take care of tiny clothes, wash utensils 5 times a day and whatnot. But this should not mean that you forget to make your home safe for the baby.

There are certain baby-proofing products that can help, but doing things on your own will lead to a better attitude towards your baby’s care as a parent.

Childproofing means that you are getting rid of objects or equipment that may cause harm to your little one. For instance, a room with lots of open electrical circuits might be hazardous. There are several factors that go ignored and need attention. Let us discuss all these in detail.

Floorings and carpets

Floorings and carpets

It might not be a good idea to prepare your home floors for the baby as he might not start walking until the first 8 or 9 months at least. But when you are with baby, incidents happen in the most unexpected manner. For example, let’s say your baby cannot walk or crawl. Imagine you are doing some work with him and you decide to keep the baby on a couch. You would blink an eye and he would be fallen from the couch to the hard wooden, concrete or tile floor. The injury could be severe since his head might hit the hardy surface. Hence the ideal way to avoid such a scenario is to use carpets on the inside areas of your home.

Carpets with fur and cushion might childproof the floor totally and avoid certain injuries.

Another way to childproof floors is to never let any space remain wet. Wet floors are an invitation to disastrous falls and sprains. You do not want to carry your baby and walk on a wet slippery floor. Hence make sure that the floor is never wet. If you see any spilled water, keep a good quality mop handy and sweep the area and turn on the fan so that the floor becomes dry quickly, without picking the baby up. Always make sure that you do not place baby on edges of bed or couches.



As a parent, you would wish to remove each furniture from your home to make it safe for the baby. But things are not always absolutely possible. Furnishings cannot be removed but can be altered, changed, replaced or refurbished to make it safer heaven for the growing baby. To start with, always keep space for baby. If you have room in your home, you are able to carry the baby for a walk whenever he cries. This not only provides ample space but also gives the parents or anyone playing with a baby, a free area to enjoy the moments.

The next step is to replace or remove furniture with sharp edges.

You should always have wooden things that have curved edges instead of sharped conical or edgy ones. The main furniture to consider includes side tables, a corner table, a dining table with a sharp glass tabletop, wooden cupboard, bookshelves or wooden chairs. If you think that removing or replacing is not a good idea, simply join the hazardous furniture with a non-hazardous one in a way that it does not come close to baby.

Lastly, try to limit the use of decorative furniture that is hung or swindle in the area where the baby is kept for a long time. A loose nail can be dangerous too. Do not place the crib of the baby near-wall hangings or below wall-hung large frames.

Bathrooms shower areas

Bathrooms shower areas

Unless you accompany your baby to the bathroom, the area remains highly hazardous for the little ones. We recommend simply keeping these areas shut when your baby is indulging in playtime. Bathroom and shower areas offer a huge amount of risks to the baby. The water taps, slippery floors, washbasin, tiles, and even pots can cause harm to the baby. And if your baby is left unattended in a tub or a bucket, he could really be at the harm of self-injury.

If facts are to be believed, infants and toddlers play more in and around the toilet. Credit it to the amusement that water brings or the extra attention they get, babies are usually active in such areas. Hence,e opened bathroom cabinets can be harmful in terms of germs and bacterias.

Also, we tend to use various chemicals in the bathroom which should not come in contact with the babies. It can cause allergies or infections.

While little babies might not need security from bathrooms, babies above one year will need bathroom safety. It is a good idea to secure the areas with child-proof locks. Door knobs should always be installed to avoid bad things to happen.

Electric points

Electric points

There is no denying the fact that electricity is our lifeline. It surrounds us and runs through each wall and corner of our dwelling. But if it’s treated in a foolish manner, it can lead to harm the same is the case with babies. Now you might ask how a baby can get harmed from the electricity that is safely running behind the walls through insulated high-density wires.

Let’s imagine that your baby has a habit of putting his hands in mouth. It gets them wet nearly every time you pick him up. What will happen if he put his little fingers in the three or two-pin socket? Yes, the tiny fingers may get into the holes easily where high voltage electricity is flowing.

You should always look towards safeguarding your electric points with covers or flappers that can be easily searched online or bought from brick and mortar stores. And if you can’t do that, simply cover the points with items such as televisions, tables, stools, etc. before you bring your baby home, it is always a good idea to call an electrician and check if there are any loose points that may spark later.

You should also get your earthing checked.

Lastly, do not forget to test and check heavy-duty electrical equipment such as air conditioners, water heaters, etc. knowing if the equipment is working nicely will prevent any future mishaps. Always keep your home free from any shot circuit by installing high-quality MC switches that go off automatically in case of a short circuit.

Doors and windows

Doors and windows

Just like electricity, windows and doors are essential parts of our home and we can’t live without them. What you need to do is to make sure that they are working in perfect condition. The doors should always be installed with soft closing and opening hinges. These use pressures so that the door does not shut off in a hard way, which might surprise a child or cause damage to his ears.

The doors should always have functional door stoppers, handles, locks, and keyholes. If a door does not close properly, it could let in rodents or insects that might harm the baby. Make sure that the handles are tight and if you close a door, it remains closed.

You may also look to install a good quality security system or childproof locks to help keep your baby secured inside the house.

Many people love watching their babies view the outside world. This makes many parents sit near the windows to let the little one enjoy the view. Many parents even place their crawling baby near the windows so that they remain calm while watching the world go by outside. Though this in no manner, a bad idea, it should be accomplished in a perfect manner. The blind cords should be kept out of the reach of the children, the windows should be locked tightly and the glass should be fitted in strongly to avoid any incidents.

It is always a good idea to check the window covering in the home and to replace corded ones with safer cordless ones. If you have installed drapes, make sure that the remotes are out of the reach of the children.

Kitchen and pantry areas

The kitchen is the soul of any house. But it’s not that good space for a baby for obvious reasons. The kitchen is where gas is used and it can harm a baby’s newly grown respiratory system. Secondly, kitchen pantry areas have lots of sharp objects such as forks, knives, glasses, cups, and even broken utensils. Needleless to say, locking the kitchen door for crawling or walking baby is a good idea.

When you need to prepare a meal for the baby, make sure that you keep him away from the slab. A stroller parked right outside the kitchen in front of your eyes can be a good idea. You can also take help from another family member to hold the baby until you cook the food. Babies should never be allowed to play on kitchen counters. They can ingest too much amount of spices or any other eatables that might harm their body’s metabolism.

Also make sure that your baby stays away from kitchen electrical equipment such as a blender, microwave, water heater, water filter or refrigerator.

When child-proofing the kitchen, ensure that the gas pipeline does not leak and the gas knobs work perfectly without any problems. You should also check the gas connection and secure it tightly to ensure things further. Make sure that no electrical fittings are in the reach of the baby and all harmful objects remain safely hidden under shelves that are locked or closed properly.



Childproofing includes tending to each part and every space of your home. And one area that requires high consideration is the stairs. If you have stairs running from outside the main household area, always make sure that the door is locked properly. The problem, however, increases when you have stairs inside the home going from ground to upper or from an upper to the ground floor. In such cases, homes like duplexes, need extra attention while childproofing.

The ideal way to proceed is to get installed good quality steel or wooden gate that is around 3 or 4 feet tall and run from end to end. This door should be leaving no space in the bottom area whatsoever. The door will prevent your baby from going down the staircase.

Chemical products

If you look around, you might find plenty of chemical products in your home. They are placed on tables, on shelves, secured behind shelves or even kept on the floor. Chemical products not only include detergents but cosmetics as well. A simple moisturizer can do wonders for an adult’s skin but is harmful to a baby. You should take a thorough tour of each section of the home, especially stores, to remove these chemical products and place them at higher grounds or hidden, away from the reach of the baby.

You should keep your cosmetics and makeup products behind the dressing table’s shelves which should be locked tightly. All cleaning and washing products should be kept in the bathroom area. Keep all grocery or cooking products in the kitchen area. Things will not become so messy if you place every chemical product at its proper place.


A growing baby is a miraculous wonder of nature. It should never be interrupted and dealt with caution and prevention. And childproofing the home is the first step in growing a healthy baby. Child experts often suggest that deformities and diseases are often caused by injuries and problems faced by the baby during the earlier stages of his life. It is we, the parents, who should shape the future of our babies.

And childproofing is the ideal way to make sure that the baby remains secured and stays far away from any type of injury. If you are finding the way to childproofing your home too complex to undertake, you can approach certain companies who can do the job for you. The professionals can make things easier for you and even alter the childproofing with the growing age of your child. Leave nothing to chance when it’s the matter of taking care of your little one.


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