Celiac Disease In Children – Symptoms & Treatment

 Celiac Disease In Children – Symptoms & Treatment

Celiac Disease is a health condition in which the body becomes allergic to gluten consumption. Gluten is a kind of protein that is found in grains like wheat, barley, and rye, etc. If a person suffering from celiac disease consumes gluten, an immune effect occurs in the small intestine. This immune effect is can often cause serious damage to the small intestine, causing malabsorption of specific nutrients. Therefore, it can lead to many other health problems in the body. This disease is found in both adults and children, but the symptoms might be different in both.

Symptoms of celiac disease in children

Symptoms Of Celiac Disease In Children

To provide you with a clear idea, here are the most common symptoms of celiac disease in children.

  • Nausea – Nausea refers to the uneasiness & distress feeling, followed by a desire to throw up. Although it is not painful, it can be very discomforting for the children. Some effects of nausea include uneasiness in the chest area, abdomen, and throat.
  • Vomiting – Along with nausea, children suffering from celiac disease might also throw up frequently. This is mainly due to the digestive disturbances and non-absorption of the nutrients by the small intestine. 

Bloating refers to the swelling caused in the belly due to excessive accumulation of gas in the stomach. This can often be discomforting as it can cause pain in the stomach & inability to eat food. You can easily notice your stomach being enlarged during bloating.

  • Constipation – Apart from causing digestive disturbances and malabsorption of nutrients, celiac disease can also cause constipation. This might happen due to the absorption of moisture from the stool by the intestinal villi. Thus, the stool becomes rigid and difficult to pass out.
  • Gas – Another common symptom of celiac disease in children is the excess gas buildup. This is mainly caused due to malabsorption and digestive disturbances caused by this disease. Many medical studies have shown that children suffering from this disease often experience gas & bloating.
  • Pale & Smelly Stool – When children pass out pale and smelly stool, it can be a sign of underlying celiac disease. This is commonly due to the small intestines not being able to absorb nutrients. Moreover, the digestive system disturbances also lead to pale-colored, smelly stool.
Sudden Weight Loss

Many medical studies have shown that the malabsorption of nutrients in the body can lead to sudden weight loss. Furthermore, celiac disease can also lead to problems in maintaining weight due to malnutrition.

  • Short Height – The malabsorption of nutrients in the celiac disease can easily lead to malnutrition in children. Due to this, children often experience poor growth and short height. 
  • Delayed Puberty – Due to damaged small intestines, the nutrients like calcium are not absorbed properly by the body. This leads to a slower growth rate in children, causing a delay in puberty. 
  •  Bad Temper – Children suffering from celiac often experience psychological issues like depression, bad temper, and poor memory & concentration. Due to the chronic nature of this disease & frequent symptoms, children can often get psychologically affected by it.

Ways to prevent celiac disease in children

Ways To Prevent Celiac Disease In Children

There is no medicinal cure available to cure this disease. The only treatment or way to manage celiac disease is by eating a strict gluten-free diet. If your children are experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, consult a doctor today. After testing, the doctor will provide you with the best diet plan for your children. Don’t switch to a strict gluten-free diet, unless recommended by a licensed doctor.

Some commonly suggested foods for celiac disease patients are listed below.

  1. Meat
  2. Fishes
  3. Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  4. Nuts
  5. Herbs
  6. Gluten-Free Grains
  7. Eggs
  8. Dairy Products
  9. Spices
  10.  Legumes

That’s it!

So these were the most common symptoms and ways to control celiac disease in children. Always consult a licensed doctor, if your child is experiencing any symptoms of this disease. If left untreated, celiac disease can lead to various other health issues. This is why you need to get it diagnosed and managed as soon as possible. For queries & suggestions, comment below or contact us through email.


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