Baby massage tips

 Baby massage tips

We often misunderstand the blessing of having a baby. While it is true that the new member makes everyone work hard, wake up at night, do things promptly and whatnot, raising a kid is an unforgettable experience. When you see the smile on the newborn face, you simply forget your worries and start gathering the sense of peacefulness and happiness inside. Parents often leave stress aside on simply hugging their babies. Well, that’s just one part of the scenario.

Baby massage

Baby massage step by step guide is the ideal course of action.

Having a baby also comes with unavoidable responsibility. Credit it to the important vaccines, milk routine, clothes shopping, sanitization of home and baby equipment, the process is far important that we can imagine. Baby massage is an important part of raising your baby.

Many of us underestimate this particular task and often overlook its importance.

This results in the massaging of a baby in an incorrect manner. Believe it or not, if you are not massaging your baby the right way, you may give way to certain problems later on in his or her life. But worry not; it’s not tough to learn the right way to massage the baby. Anyone can do it in her home. We shall try to lighten the weight and will shed some light on the step by step massaging tips for a newborn baby.

Mind the fundamentals

Mind the fundamentals

Massaging a newborn is nothing like grooming yourself. You need an appropriate atmosphere, furniture and setting to do the job in a safe manner. The massage usually takes place on a soft surface to calm the baby. A soft carpet or bed is a preferable setting. You can also use a towel as you stand and massage the babe.

Another thing to take care of is that you need to maintain a suitable room temperature i.e. warm during winters and cold summers.

The air should have proper ventilation to let in the sunlight as well as fresh air. Babies can feel warm quickly and might feel the difference in the temperature, such as opening up a window that lets in cold air. If you feel your little one getting uncomfortable, check for room settings before massaging.

The next fundamental for massaging is lighting. You should never massage your baby in too much dark. Not only it avoids watching your baby’s parts to massage nicely, but it also can hinder the process of your baby watching your face in order to develop a strong bond.

You should always choose specially made baby oils that are safe for newborns and infants. The oils should be free from chemicals and usually unscented. Natural oils that are pure in content such as virgin coconut oil or olive oil are the ideal options.

If you think that massaging your baby with a nappy is good, then you might consider the thought again. Usually massaging without nappy is preferred as your baby’s private parts need soft massaging and air. If you are afraid of baby peeing during the massage, make sure that he or she has done it before you begin. If you want to massage with the nappy on, ensure that the nappy is not too tight around the tummy region.

If you have become familiar with the essentials, let’s get down to the real deal and know the massaging steps:

Massage by involving your baby into it

Massage by involving your baby into it

The first step is to see if your baby is interested in the activity or not. Usually, babies love being massaged but some little angels love to travel in the opposite direction. If your baby is not ready for the massaging, you may play with him or her a little and make him get in the mood of the circulation activity. A good idea is to do a test.

You may take a few drops of oil and start massaging his ears or back. If the baby seems not bothered, you are good to go.

If the body language is on the opposite side, you might need to spend a few more minutes to prepare the baby for the massage. Always remember that if the baby resists more and even cries, you may delay the massage for a few hours or for even a day. Forcing won’t do any good. Making baby massage a wonderful experience will make your baby love it and eventually he or she would have no issues whatsoever.

Step – 1 Getting started with the massaging legs

Starting with feet and legs are the ideal kick-off that will make your baby feel comfortable from the first step. Take some oil drops in palm and slowly massage the silky soft soles of your angel. Start massaging the heels and then the toes with the use of your thumbs. Swiftly massage nails and the area between each toe. Use the palm and stroke the bottom of the feet and then the toes. Avoid pulling any toe. The movement should be from the bottom of the top towards the nail as it stimulates the nerve endings.

After this, proceed with lifting the legs of the baby towards his belly and stroke on the ankle. Slowly extend the leg towards the thighs. Make sure that this should not make the baby uncomfortable and hence be done in a calm manner.

After this massage both legs from knees to the foot. Don’t forget to keep your baby entertained by making him or her laugh during the process. Lastly, lift the legs gently and stroke toward the heart from the foot to thigh. This is done to flex the legs to avoid immobility in the legs and knee bones.

Step 2- massaging hands and arms

Arms are an important part of your baby and probably the first organ that shows movement signs as early as one week from birth. The pattern here is similar. Start from the chest area and then reach towards hand fingers through the arm and elbow. Make circular strokes on palms and fingers towards the fingertips.

Also, make sure that you massage the back portion of your baby’s hands while stroking it towards the wrist. Gently roll your finger in a circular motion on the wrists mimicking the act of putting on a bracelet.

Slowly move towards the forearm and massage upper arms in a gentle circular motion.

An important thing to mind here is that your baby might have a habit of putting hands in mouth. This may accumulate particles between his fingers, which should be cleared in this step.

Step 3- Massaging shoulder and chest

After massaging your arms, proceed to shoulder and chest. Make soft strokes in the tandem area towards the chest from the shoulder region. Trace your hand to the shoulder back and forth. After this, place your hands on the baby’s chest and rub the skin smoothly from the outer area of the body. This should be done towards the lateral side.

Make sure that the strokes are extra smooth as your baby’s rib cage is ultra-smooth. Make sure that you cover the regions such as chest bone, the bottom of sternum and heart.

Step 4- Tummy Massage

Baby’s stomach is probably the most important region when you decide to provide circulation through your hand movements. When organizing baby massage tops, this one is most important. Often at times, massage is concentrated on the stomach to circulate digestion of the newly formed organs and help in relieving from colic problems.

A thing that should be remembered here is that the stomach is a delicate area and hence you should not put any sort of pressure onto it whatsoever. Start stoking the top region below the chest area. Place your hands gently on the skin and make circular strokes around the tummy.

Cover all belly regions slowly. Allow your hand to massage gently across the area.

Belly massage should be done in a clockwise motion and the belly button should not be pressed or massaged in newborn.  This is because the new babies have recently shed their umbilical cord and the area is highly sensitive around the belly button.

Step 5- Massaging face and head

Various babies do not accept someone massaging their head, forehead, eyes, cheeks or neck. Hence, the area above neck including face and head can be quite challenging to massage. Also since babies move a lot, this can lead to ordinary massaging. However, it should be understood that massaging face and head is as important as massaging the body.

People also believe that by massaging a particular area of baby, for instance, the nasal bone, babies can form their features to be sharp and beautiful.

Start by placing your fingertips in the middle of the baby’s forehead. Stroke along the outline of the face towards the chin region.

Move fingers from chin to the cheeks and massage the cheek area gently in a circular motion. Repeat for a few minutes. You should use only the slightest of pressure and stop if you find the baby in an uncomfortable zone.

When massaging the head, keep mind that you should not press or apply pressure on the hollow space in the head. Since the baby’s skull is delicate, this should be done very carefully.

Massage the forehead by moving fingers from the center towards the years slowly.

Take a few drops of oil and massage the head as you are shampooing the hairs. Keep rotating fingers and make the hairs get enriched with the oil towards the roots to encourage good growth.

Step 6- Massaging the back

Many people consider that with face and head, massage of the baby is over. This is not the case, as back massaging is highly important. To do it, turn your baby around so that the back faces your face. This should be done with a soft pillow underneath the baby belly. Also, you can place the baby with his hands and on the sides. Now, use your fingertips to stroke from the upper part of the baby’s back towards the hips. After this, slowly place your thumb and index finger on each side of the spine and move the hands towards the lower part. Repeat for 5 minutes.


Babies are born with bones more in number than the adult person. Their bones tend to combine and become bigger with age. This is how nature works. Further, when you massage your baby regularly, you are helping your baby grow and become strong in a good manner by considering baby massage tips. Believe it or not, a well-massaged baby grows to become stronger later.

Always keep in mind to follow the steps for massaging your baby. Also, everything should be done gently and aggressive strokes should be avoided at all costs.

With patience and intelligence, anyone can massage a baby and lay the foundation of a well-structured and strong body.


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